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Five steps backward to one step forward. (Part 2)

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

So then, you become all cautious, all preventive, watching every pulse, every move of yours. You observe, analyse, evaluate, calculate. You defend yourself before one blames you, you argue when one questions you, you rebel when one doesn't agree with you. You decide not to trust once more, never to place my life in another' hands, never to overestimate love, and never to be miserable again. 

You give yourself the time to heal, the time to let go, the time to accept life the way it is. And as days, weeks, months, years go by, you don't feel as angry, as upset, as disappointed, and as vengeful as you did.

You understand that your life has a bigger and better purpose; that your life wasn't meant for one who hasn't earned it. You realise your mind and body may just need another being, but your soul needs a companion; a partner who doesn't just want you to be his/her better half, but also wants to be the best for you,

and thus, you build yourself back from scratch, you work your faith again, you smile again, you open up the narrowest path to your heart again, 

..... and only this time, you take one step forward.

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