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Taking my breath away.

All our lives, we live with the hope of loving and being loved. We live with the expectation of being accepted, and being celebrated. But then something bad happens, and then from being on top of the mountain, you fall all the way down. You weep, you howl, trying to get the pain out of being pulled down to the bottom, and trying to let go, so that you can move on, and start the trek all the way up again.

But when you're back on that track, as you wade your way up, trying to acclimatise once more, you face challenges and rough patches but you find your way around, you make a few compromises, you take the longer route even, despite it being harder, hoping to get to the top again.

You walk, you run, you pause, you run out of breath, you walk again, you sit, you sleep on the snow and wither the storm, just imagining the beauty of being on top again and having that view. You continue to have a love-hate relationship with the mountains.

You feel the chill freeze your body, and numb your brain; you feel like your heart has stopped pumping blood and you gasp for breath. But this doesn't make you give up. You use the oxygen cylinder you're carrying, you layer yourself up in more and more, you collect twigs, and whatever wood you can find, and light up a small fire to keep yourself alive, more than warm. And then when you feel better, you continue the journey up.

Finally, after all those days of toiling and struggling, after days of your legs screaming at you to stop the uphill slog, you are just a few steps away from that magnificent view and from that moment of a lifetime. Your body is so weak and so un-rested, that you're not able to physically move, but your brain is pushing you saying 'just a bit more'. So you push and push, only to have something sudden happen. All in the flash of a second. There's a scene. A postcard worthy scene. A moment that's surreal. A moments that's life altering. The chilly breeze in your face, the swirling and pacing clouds, Those GORGEOUS rocky mountains. The rays of the sun peeping down on the valley..

The mountains that you climbed and had faith in all along pays off. You gasp till you get there but they finally TAKE YOUR BREATH AWAY.

Those mountains. <3

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